Freshwater Is The Wellspring Of Life.

It’s what makes Earth extraordinary in the known universe. It’s likewise an asset under risk. Only 3 for every penny of water on the planet is freshwater, and just around 1 for each penny is promptly accessible for human utilize.

The one-two punch of worldwide populace development and environmental change implies we should be imaginative and conferred with regards to water administration and protection.

WWF is attempting to secure freshwater biological communities and enhance water get to, proficiency, and assignment for individuals and the earth � a fundamental segment of sparing a large portion of WWF’s need spots and species and decreasing the effect of mankind’s water impression.

The work is centered around various key ranges:

�Water stewardship

�Water security

�Freshwater living space insurance

�Water administration

This work is completed in a joint effort with differing accomplices, including different NGOs, governments, improvement offices, organizations, and worldwide traditions.

A couple freshwater truths:

�Since 1900, the greater part the world’s wetlands have vanished

�Almost a large portion of the total populace will live under extreme water shortage by 2030, if no new arrangements are presented

�We should twofold water system by 2050 to develop enough sustenance to take care of demand of an expected populace of 9 billion individuals

�People will feel the effect of environmental change most through new water; less water will be put away in ice and snow, more extraordinary occasions will bring about dry seasons and surges

�Hydropower delivers more than one-fifth of the world’s power; almost 500 million individuals have been contrarily influenced by dams

�More than 5 million individuals kick the bucket from waterborne infections every year � 10 times the number killed in wars

�Just under 1 billion individuals still don’t have entry to spotless and safe drinking water

�Freshwater species are declining at a speedier rate than earthly or marine species


Freshwater biological systems and stream administrations in key waterway bowls give water to individuals and nature.

The essential dangers to freshwater biological systems are:

�Habitat misfortune

�Changes to water stream


�Overharvesting of water and freshwater species

�Invasive species

�Climate change

The essential drivers behind these dangers are:

�Poor water and stream bowl administration


�Dam development

�Poor private segment measures, speculations, and execution along the store network